Jolanda practicing with chopsticks

When you go to China obviously you need to eat Chinese food. And how do you eat Chinese food. Yes, with chopsticks. Jolanda plans on smuggling a pair of cheat chopsticks into China to use them as an “if-all-else-fails” way of eating.

Thank you, Michiel for making Jolanda’s life easier!! 🙂

Below you’ll see her practicing the art of cheat-chopsticks-eating on an Dutch Peking Duck.

On another note, theres only a week to go now. A week from now if all goes well, we’ll be sitting in an airplane already far away from Amsterdam! The bikes are now pretty much set to go. We’re waiting for some clothes to arrive, traveler cheques are in place, and the list of things to-do is getting
smaller every day.

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  1. – and Jakob thinks it’s easier to eat with two normal chopsticks. Fine with me, I’m gonna take this one with me – we’ll see who laughs last (and gets to eat) !!

  2. Haha, I’m glad I can help to keep you fed. But really, it’s for emergencies only. You should try eating with regular chopsticks. It’s not that hard. Even I manage. So I wanna see some pictures of you eating with the real things too!

  3. > we’ll see who laughs last

    that’s an easy one; the chinese!!

    They laugh of the tourists at all time. Pretty rude people actually, but you just have to get use to it I think.

  4. I remember when Jolanda and I spent 5 weeks in Malaysia in 1997. She was fustrated about the speed she could eat with those chopsticks compared to me. ( I almost finished 4 plates when Jolanda was still fighting with the first pieces of ananas and chicken)
    Jolanda, you have had about 8 years to improve your chopstick-eating technique! 🙂

    I would like to give you a good tipp: Why don’t you take a set of spoons with you? This should be much faster than these high-tec chopsticks. 😉
    Your brother,

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